Last Laughs and Final Words

Making sure your last words aren't lost, even if you are!

Plan for the Unexpected!

Planning for the unexpected doesn’t have to be grim! With LifeSwitch, you can send those important email messages if you mysteriously vanish.

How it Works:

1. Write Your Final Message(s): Think of what you’d want to say if you’re not around to say it. Got any secrets? Juicy gossip? WiFi password?

2. Now’s the time! Set Your Check-Ins: Choose up to 3 times you want us to poke you at your predefined intervals for login reminders. Daily? Weekly? Monthly? We’re flexible.

3. Live Your Life: Go about your day knowing we’ve got your back (and your final message).

4. Final Curtain: If you miss your check-ins, your final message(s) get sent and spill the beans for you!